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Type 2 Diabetes (NICE TA924)

NICE TA924 - Tirzepatide for treating type 2 diabetes

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Endocrine system


Preference of agent should be decided based on the clinician’s judgement about patient characteristics. Local specialists have suggested the following: 

1. Semaglutide (or other available GLP-1 RAs) may be preferred in patients with lower BMIs e.g. < BMI 35 kg/m2 or patients who have established CVD or are at high risk of CV events and require an agent with proven CV benefit. 

2. Tirzepatide may be preferred in patients with higher BMIs e.g. > BMI 40 kg/m2 or who despite optimisation of all other therapies still require further glycaemic control.

Careful consideration MUST be given to stopping tirzepatide if ineffective or not tolerated (evidence of poor tolerance as dose escalates). Tirzepatide should be reviewed after 6 months, and the deprescribing of other agents, e.g. sulfonylureas and gliptins, should be considered where possible. 

As a minimum expectation, it is recommended that tirzepatide is only continued if the adult with type 2 diabetes has had a beneficial metabolic response (a reduction of at least 11 mmol/mol [1.0%] in HbA1c and weight loss of at least 3% of initial body weight in 6 months).


1.1 Tirzepatide is recommended for treating type 2 diabetes alongside diet and exercise in adults when it is insufficiently controlled only if:

  • triple therapy with metformin and 2 other oral antidiabetic drugs is ineffective, not tolerated or contraindicated, and

  • they have a body mass index (BMI) of 35 kg/m2 or more, and specific psychological or other medical problems associated with obesity, or

  • they have a BMI of less than 35 kg/m2, and:

    • insulin therapy would have significant occupational implications, or

    • weight loss would benefit other significant obesity-related complications.

      Use lower BMI thresholds (usually reduced by 2.5 kg/m2) for people from South Asian, Chinese, other Asian, Middle Eastern, Black African or African-Caribbean family backgrounds.


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Green (Restricted)

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Suitable for initiation in primary care in line with restrictions

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Decisions of Lancashire local decision making groups

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Last Updated: 20 - Mar - 2024