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For the treatment of pneumonia or complicated skin and soft tissue infections on the recommendation of a microbiologist when used for up to 14-days

**Please refer to attached prescriber information sheet for more detail prior to prescribing**

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Dosage and administration
Consultant microbiologists will request GPs to prescribe up to 14 days of treatment in the community ONLY.

If more than 14 days of treatment is required, either as an initial course or if an extension to the initial 14-day course is required, the patient must be referred back into secondary care.

The recommended dose of oral linezolid is 600 mg every 12 hours usually for 10–14 consecutive days (up to 28 days of treatment may be supplied by specialists).

Information for prescribers - to be read in conjunction with the SPC


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Suitable for GP prescribing following recommendation/initiation by specialist

Decisions of Lancashire local decision making groups

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