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Bempedoic acid with ezetimibe

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Cardiovascular system


This recommendation does not apply to bempedoic acid when used without ezetimibe

1.1 Bempedoic acid with ezetimibe is recommended as an option for treating primary hypercholesterolaemia (heterozygous familial and non-familial) or mixed dyslipidaemia as an adjunct to diet in adults. It is recommended only if:

  • statins are contraindicated or not tolerated,

  • ezetimibe alone does not control low-density lipoprotein cholesterol well enough, and

  • the company provides bempedoic acid and bempedoic acid with ezetimibe according to the commercial arrangement.

Bempedoic acid with ezetimibe can be used as separate tablets or a fixed-dose combination.


LSCMMG Recommendation:

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Suitable for GP prescribing following recommendation/initiation by specialist

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Decisions of Lancashire local decision making groups

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Last Updated: 14 - May - 2021